Safe skiing

The best thing about skiing and snowboarding is that it takes place outside in the fresh air. We need to keep the distance to each other. The "Kläppen hosts" (the ski lift operators) will remind & ensure that everyone keeps the guidelines about social distancing at the ski lifts. In the gondola and chairlift you can only ride with your family, friends or travel partners - no one else! If you travel together you enter the ski lifts together.

All the ski lifts will be open to create big areas for the skiiers to fill. A empty seat in the gondola will not be filled with people outside your traveling group. If you need help to catch the t-bar or button lift let the "Kläppen hosts" know and they will help you.

The lifts will be open all day from 09.00 to 18.00 - thats plenty of time to spread out on.

Precautions in the heating cottage
In the heating cottage we have a restricted number of visitors. Watch the signs when you enter - if it's full come back later. We do extra cleaning in the toilets - but don't forget to wash your hands. We have alot of hand sanitiser stations spread out all around the ski area.

We also want to remind you of all our BBQs that are placed outside where you can cook your own food and at the same time be outside.