Gusjöbyns tomtområde

The oldest cottage area in Kläppen is called Gusjöbyns tomtområde and was built in the 1970s. Gusjöbyns tomtområde offers a wide range of accommodation options. Here you will find everything from small cottages of 40 square metres to larger ones of 160 square metres.

  • Size (m2): 40-158
  • Number of bedrooms: 2-5
  • Number of beds: 4-12
  • Distance to ski lift (m): 200-400

Many families with children prefer Gusjöbyn, as everything is within walking distance. The cabins come in a variety of sizes with up to 12 beds.

Gusjöbyn's plot area has anything from 4 to 12 beds, divided into two to five bedrooms. The kitchens are equipped for self-catering with stove / hob, oven, microwave and fridge and freezer. The number of toilets and showers varies depending on the size of the accommodation. Several cottages have a sauna, heating wood stove, free WiFi and engine heater. 
Deviations may occur. See detailed description of your apartment/cabin.