ICA Kläppen

ICA Kläppen is a grocery store that has everything you need during your stay in Sälen. Here you can shop quickly, easily and affordably every day, all year round.

Shop when the store is unmanned with the app "ICA ToGo" (requires a swedish Bank-ID) 

  • Log in to the app "ICA ToGo" with mobile Bank-ID. When you are logged in, you can open the door to ICA Kläppen via the app.
  • You scan your goods directly in the app with your mobile phone. Then choose payment option card or Swish. 
  • Once your goods are paid, you can open the door and leave the store with your goods.
  • The receipt will come by email if you are a Regular, otherwise you will find it in the app.

Download the app "ICA ToGo"
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ICA Kläppen

17 June - 11 August
Monday - Sunday 10.00-18.00

News: People living in Denmark and Norway can now use the "ICA ToGo" app. This means full access to the store even when it is unmanned. You scan your groceries and pay for them directly on your mobile phone.