Trolle & Trolla

Fun children´s activities with Trolle & Trolla

During your visit at Kläppen, the children will for sure get to know Trolle & Trolla. Two delightful and mischievous trolls who loves to meet with guests and staff at the troll farm (Trollgården) where theatres are offered several times a week. 

Trolle & Trolla are two curious and inventive trolls who has lived at Kläppen in many years. Actually, they lived here long before Per Eriksson built the ski resort here. 


They met Per on a snowy winterday in 1981, and it was the first time that they had ever met a human being before. This day, Per was outside planning the construction of Kläppen and its first slopes. Since that day they are good friends and Trolle & Trolle loves to go skiing and hang out with visitors and staff at Kläppen.

At Kläppen, all kids can talk and play with the trolls in their home. You can also watch their theatre, dance and sing at their After Ski. If you´re lucky, they might tell you a story about their time here at Kläppen, mabye the one about how Trolla swished down the slope Vargtjutet the first time she went skiing! 


Together they arrange a lot of fun activities for the kids. Everything from different kinds of adventures to song, dancing and theatre. And of course a lot of playing!

Trolle & Trolla in the troll farm (Trollgården) >>

Trolle & Trolla in the troll farm

Trolle & Trolla are home in their farm, where they tell exciting stories from their time at Kläppen.
The story of the human troll >>

The story of the human troll

Trolle & Trolla tells the story about Torgunn. A music and theatre performance for the whole family, about 20 minutes long.
Meet Trolle & Trolla >>

Meet Trolle & Trolla

Trolle & Trolla is out skiing in the slopes. Keep an eye open and mabye you´ll get to meet and talk to them.
Trolle & Trollas AfterSki >>

Show with Trolle & Trolla

This is your time to sing and dance together with Trolle & Trolla. The atmosphere is usually on top during the trolls show.
Trolle & Trollas filmer >>

Trolle & Trolla's films

Here you can see some films of the trolle & trolla siblings who are two curious trolls who have lived at Kläppen for many years.
  • Trolle is 353 and Trolla is 303 years old.
  • Trolle & Trolla are brother and sister.
  • Trolle & Trolla's parents are called Trundle & Trundla.
  • Per Eriksson have learned Trolle & Trolla to skii, snowboard and drive snowmobile.