Trolle & Trolla

Trolle & Trolla

Children love Trolle and Trolla who have lived on Kläppen Mountain since ancient times. They love to go skiing and snowboarding together with the children.

  • Trolle is 353 and Trolla is 303 years old.
  • Trolle & Trolla are brother and sister.
  • Trolle & Trolla's parents are called Trundle & Trundla.
  • Per Eriksson have learned Trolle & Trolla to skii, snowboard and drive snowmobile.
Trolle cup >>

Trolle cup

An exciting skiing contest for all children. Our ski instructors will be onsite and provide commentary. In the Trollcupen, everyone is a winner and will be...
Show with Trolle & Trolla >>

Show with Trolle & Trolla

Do you like to feel the groove? This is your chance to sing and dance with Trolle & Trolla. Spirits are high in the children’s area when the trolls host thei...