Kläppen idag 10cm -0.4°C 0 av 21 LiveCam
Information about Corona >>

Information about Corona

The world has changes a lot during this pandemic, we are preparing carefully for another season.
Feel safe to book Kläppen >>

Feel safe to book Kläppen

Our way of traveling has been a little different since the Covid-19 outbreak. We follow the recommendations of the Public Health Agency...
Snow guarantee >>

Snow guarantee

The weather gods seem to like Kläppen, and this is the way it has almost always been.


Kläppen winter >>


Click here to see a clip from the last season. What a magical one it was! Lots of snow and sunshine! It can't get better then this.
Kläppen 360 >>

Kläppen 360

Click here to see Kläppen from above! 360-pictures on multiple view points. A magical view! Zoom and use your phones gyro.
Kläppen today >>

Kläppen Today

On Kläppen today you will see today's weather, activities and lunch menus.