Our Skipasses and buttons

Are you going alpine skiing or/and cross-country skiing?

Here you can read all about our various Skipasses & cross-country buttons. Find the one that suits you best.

Skipass kombi

The Kombi card gives you access to all downhill skiing and cross-country trails at Kläppen.
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Med detta Skipass får du åka i alla våra alpina pister.

Skipass Alpine

With the Skipass you have access to all our alpine slopes.
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Cross-country buttons

You will recive a button with a colour based on how many days you are skiing. Remember to wear these somewhere visible on your clothing.

FöräldraSkipass med detta Skipass kan ni som föräldrar turas om att åka med era barn i alla våra alpina pister. Bokas över telefon eller köpes på plats

Parent Skipass

This card is for parents who can't ski together and wish to share the same card.
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The Skipass is free for children age 0-7 if they wear a helmet. But don't forget that they need their own Key Card. The children's Key Card is called Trollekort and costs 65 SEK. You can pre-book this here, but you can of course, use/top up an existing Key Card. Everyone with a Key Card has free access to these activities: Trolle Cup, Trolle & Trolla in the Snow Realm, Trolle & Trolla's Winter Story, Trolle & Trolla's après ski, Sledge Evening, Kläppen cup and junior park session.