Good to know.

Welcome to Kläppen Arena, before your visit, there are some practical parts that can be good to know.

In Kläpppen Arena you will find:

  • Air Bag
    The jump area consists 2 jumps and one airbag. The first jump suits the beginner, where you can learn to get some speed, ride on the carpet/hill and make your first jump. The second jump suits the more advanced rider, here you can try out some new tricks. Air Bag closed in case of high winds.
  • Ride in our Railpark. In the railpark you can find 4 things to ride skis or snowboard on, in rough terms, these are called ”features”. They are devided in two lines, one easy and one difficult. On the easy one, you can learn to do your first ”slide” or ”50-50” wich is two other terms you use when you ride on the ”features”. 
  • Action zone
    The park arena is a collective name for all the other activities you can do:

  • Jump on our Trampolines.  The trampolines are adjusted to jump on with skis and snowboards, and the special jump equipment can be rented on site. It is of course possible to jump with only your socks on as well.

  • Ride in our Miniramp. Learn how to ”drop in” or try out new tricks in the miniramp. At the same time you can keep an eye on what´s going in in the jump area, since the miniramp is located next to the jumps. You can ride skateboard, kickbike and inlines on the miniramp.

  • Practice your balance on the Slackline. You can´t get to much balance, right? A slackline is easiest explained as a long thin line wich is attached to two points, where you can practise your balance in between.


The jumping arena is continuously irrigated using sprinklers, this is in order to get good glide and not to burn yourself. This also means that you will get really wet during a session in the Arena. 

It´s good to wear comprehensive and soft clothes, for example:

  • Thermal underwear with shorts and T-shirt.
  • Sweatshirt for colder days. 
  • Shell- or rain coat for rainy or windy days.
  • Ski-socks
  • Thin gloves 
  • A wet suit works fine with jumping
  • Possible change of clothes

Avoid cotton clothes, they attract water and makes the clothes heavy. 


  • Skis or snowboard
  • Boots
  • Helmet (mandatory)

We do not use ski poles in the Arena.
Remember to wax your skis or snowboard before you visit us.

Change of clothes, toilet and shower

In the Welcome center,  wich is adjacent to Kläppen Arena, you will find toilets and lockers that can be rented. If you wish to take a shower or change clothes in a dressing room, you can do this at Kläppen Camping, about 500 meters from Kläppen Arena. 

Safety and security

  • In Kläppen Arena, helmets are mandatory
  • Jump one at a time
  • Jump straight into the bag
  • It is not allowed to use poles
  • Check that you have no sharp objects on you/ski or broken steel edges.
  • Get off the bag as soon as you land
  • All activity in Kläppen Arena is at your own risk.