Excercise loops

Track length: About 6,5 kilometers
Start: Kläppens camping
Difficulty: Easy
Scenic exercise trail along the Västerdal River. After about 3 km, the trail turns and takes you back to Kläppen on the embankment. Just before the trail turns back, there is a slogbod at Västerdalälven which can be a nice place for fluid replenishment. The trail has few fall height meters and is easy to run. The trail is a combination trail with cycling. 


Track length: About 8 kilometers
Start: Kläppens camping
Difficulty: Advanced 
You start down at Kläppens Camping. Follow the Trail Run trails (the blue and the red). The trail goes up to the obstacle course. Here you can turn around if you want a shorter run, or if you feel strong, the trail continues up towards the Falken ski area. On the activity map, the trail is called "Motionsslinga".