Activities & Ski school >>

Activities and Ski School

Get started and get the best conditions for a good start to your ski trip and see what other activities await you at Kläppen.
Conference trip >>

Conference trip

At Kläppen you will have a conference experience in a beautiful winter setting with good food and fine skiing. A few turns on the slopes before or after the meeting perhaps?
School trip >>

School trip

Åk med skolan, konfirmationsgruppen eller idrottslaget på en oförglömlig vintersemester. Egen utrustning eller hyra? Vi löser det!
Open-air day >>

Open-air day

A warm welcome to Kläppen Ski Resort. Enjoy pleasant skiing and good food throughout the day. There are pistes to suit everyone and with Gondol Sälen, you...
Group trip >>

Group trip

Bring along your family and friends on a group trip to Kläppen. We offer skiing in 4 directions, wonderful Kläppen snow and a cosy intimate atmosphere. Stay ...
Sports trip >>

Sports trip

Hone your technique and train for the competition with us at Kläppen. We offer good skiing at varying levels of difficulty to suit your needs. We help you fi...