Group trip >>

Group Trip

Customise the trip according to your wishes. We will help you tailor your own package so that it is just right for you!
Conference trip >>

Conference Trip

At Kläppen you will have a conference experience in a beautiful winter setting with good food and fine skiing.
School trip >>

School trip

Bring your classmates and get ready for a ski trip you´ll never forget. Book the year's most fun class trip!
Activities & Ski school >>

Activities and Ski School

Get started and get the best conditions for a good start to your ski trip and see what other activities await you at Kläppen.
Sports trip >>

Sports Trip

We help you find that little extra in your skiing and make sure you have everything you need to develop in the turns.
Contact & Conference Consulting >>

Contact & Conference Consulting

Do you need help? Emilia Gudmunds is here to help you! Send her an email or call her at +4628096207