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Kläppen isn't just top-class downhill skiing, here there is also cross-country skiing early in the season. We offer fine cross-country skiing tracks as early as the end of November, as well as talented instructors. Vasalopp skiers come here, but it goes without saying that you can pack your picnic and thermos and ski slowly along enjoying the view from the Toppspåret track or along the beautiful River Västerdalälven.

LONG (9.4 KM), MEDIUM (7.7 KM), SHORT (5.6 KM)
Lovely nature trails that meander through the forest and further up over the bogs on the east side of Mount Kläppen.If you choose Long or Medium, you  will find a nice windbreak with a barbecue area after about four kilometres. This is also where you make a turn to reach the rest of Bergspåret. This is also where you come back toBergspåret after being up to the top and turning  around.

Kläppen’s most beautiful cross-country track, flanked by completely magical surroundings. The track has a few slopes. Where the tracks turns back after 3.5 km you will find shelters and a fireplace. To get to Toppspåret, take the gondola to Toppstugan, or ski on Bergspåret. The gondola is included in the cross-country track tag when you wear it visibly and have long-distance equipment with you.

Bergspåret is a combination of all the mountain tracks. It starts and ends with Myrspåren. The first middle section winds up the mountain (and down on the way back) with lovely surroundings. Some parts are fairly steep, but well prepared. The second middle section consists of Toppspåret. Feel free to take a coffee break in Toppstugan before continuing your journey.

The track starts at the Kläppentorget and turns on to Torgås, seven kilometres south of Kläppen The first part is flat and beginner-friendly, but a few kilometres before Torgås, the track shifts into more hilly terrain. The entire track is electrically lit from 7AM to 10PM every day. Eight kilometres of the track has artificial snow and as much of the stretch as possible opens already in November. It is a popular track with plenty of double-poling for those who want to train for the Vasaloppet. On Älvspåret it is not allowed to ride with dogs or sleds, but we refer to our other tracks.
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Dogs and sledge
It is allowed to ride with dogs and sledge on the Myspåret, Toppspåret and Bergspåret. When riding with dogs or sledge, stay out of the classic track, Keep in mind that the dogs should always be in a dog leash and that you pick up after their dogs

For both safety and quality reasons, it is not allowed to walk in our cross-country ski tracks.