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Kläppen isn't just top-class downhill skiing, here there is also cross-country skiing early in the season. We offer fine cross-country skiing tracks as early as the end of November, as well as talented instructors. Vasalopp skiers come here, but it goes without saying that you can pack your picnic and thermos and ski slowly along enjoying the view from the Toppspåret track or along the beautiful River Västerdalälven.

MYRSPÅRET TRACK - 6 and 8 Kilometers
Delightful natural track starting at Tranans or Mitt i Pisten where the tracks meet. The track meanders through the forest and up over the marshlands on the east side of Kläppenberget. If you take the 8 km track, there's a pleasant wind shelter with BBQ area after about 4 km. You can also connect here to the Trånggravsspåret track. Dogs permitted Classic style applies here.

Kläppen's most breathtaking cross-country track in a totally enchanting environment. The track has a few humps. Where the track turns after about 3.5 km, there is a snug wind shelter with BBQ area. To get to the Toppspåret track, take the gondola Sälen to Toppstugan, or ski along the Trånggravsspåret track which connects the Myrspåret track with the Toppspåret track. The gondola is included in your cross-country track tag when you wear it somewhere visible and have your cross-country skiing equipment with you. Before going down in the lift, we recommend refreshments at Toppstugan. Dogs permitted Classic style applies here.

This track connects the Toppspåret track with the Myrspåret track. You can choose whether to ascend first then descend or vice versa. Should you wish to cover some extra kilometres you can ski around all the tracks. Serpent-like, the track winds its way down the mountain in magnificent surroundings. Some parts are quite steep but have been prepared so that it is easy to plough or scissor depending on the direction you take. Dogs permitted Here you can ski both classic and skate style.

This track starts at the Welcome Centre and turns in Torgås 7 km south of Kläppen. The track starts flat, but some kilometres before Torgås the track enters a more undulating section. The entire track is floodlit between 06.00–22.00 every day. 8 kilometres of the track have machine-made snow and we open up as much track as possible as early as November. This section is extra popular as training for our Vasalopp ski race guests. Dogs not permitted. Here you can ski both classic and skate style.

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