Rental clothes

First season with rental clothes! Renting skis and equipment is commonplace and over the years we have developed several different packages. We have now taken the next step by also offering ski clothes for rent.

There are several aspects behind this. Of course, we want to make it easier for guests, who get to reduce their packing volume, but we also want to contribute to increased reuse. If you go to the mountains for one week per year, you will certainly not wear out your alpine clothes, but on the other hand, you might realise after a few years that fashion has passed you by and your clothes may not be modern or functional. Ski clothes are a good example of garments that can collect dust in your closet if you do not belong to the category of those who ski every two weeks.

The rental clothes are of a high quality and can be used many times over several seasons. Those who choose to rent clothes make a climate-smart effort, while at the same time as you can spend those thousands on something else. In collaboration with Helly Hansen, we offer fine collections with good functional garments for alpine skiing. The idea is that the garments should feel like your own and that you rented them. This is something we want to do both for our guests and for the sake of the environment.

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