Cross-country skiing

All our tracks are open and there is everything from good waymarked tracks to undulating slopes. In the sports shop you will find expertise on waxing and temperature. You can count on them already having tried out the tracks when it is time for you to set off.

The Cross-country button
We are placing significant investment in our cross-country tracks. Among other things, on snow production, we produce around 9,000 cubic metres of machine-made snow on the Älvspåret track. We also invest heavily in the preparation of the tracks. Our aim is to constantly develop and that is why we charge for use of our cross-country skiing tracks. To cross-country ski with us means that you have to purchase a cross-country button.

Your cc-button can be purchased from the ski shop in the Welcome Centre or the shop at Tranantorget. If you want to ski when our sales outlets are closed you can pay via Swish to
number: 123 1204 288, mark the Swish payment with:  cross-country button.

The cc-button must be visible on your ski clothes when skiing, thus showing that you have paid.

About our tracks >>

Our tracks

The "Älvspåret" track winds its way 13 km along the River Dalälven, the Toppspåret track is an experience, simply take the lift and and ski along the top.
Cross-country ski school >>

Cross-country ski school

Our ski instructors help you as a beginner, but also those of you who are experienced and really want to perfect your technique.

Our Skipasses and buttons

Are you going alpine skiing or/and cross-country skiing?