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Halster Bar & Bistro >>

Halster Bar & Bistro

Halster Bar & Bistro is the new heart of Kläppen and it opens at half past seven for an indulgent breakfast. The lunches at Halster are delicious home-cookin...
Bageriet >>


We get to work while you are still sleeping. The bread shop at Bageriet opens as early as 07:30, selling freshly baked bread for you to surprise your family with.
Pizza på Bageriet >>


As the afternoon approaches, we fire up the pizza oven at 15:00 and start selling pizzas for takeaway or to be eaten at the restaurant, which turns our littl...
Brasseri Karelius >>

Brasserie Karelius

Plates with classic dishes are served and the laughter from the next table is contagious, as is the scent of the freshly served char under a rich layer of...
Tranan >>


Find your place, take your tray, and choose from good home-cooking and a hearty salad buffet.
Toppstugan >>


Have you also been tempted to disappear amongst the cake trays, pastries, and the good sandwiches that greet you when enter Toppstugan?
Fred's Grill & Coffee shop >>

Fred's place

Fred´s coffee, open each day during the season. A slightly smaller fast food place, which, in addition to sweets, good coffee and hot chocolate, serves hot...
Persgården >>


On the hill above the children's area is the old Dala farm which has been named Persgården. The rooms are small but cosy and the story is in the walls. Here,...
Restaurangkarta >>

Restaurant map

On the map below, you will see how all Kläppen's restaurants are spread out over the mountain