Gustav about the future

Fifteen years ago his head was full of ideas and the table full of drawings. That time, the visions were about the world's best park. Gustav Eriksson knew exactly how he wanted every jump and curve and for many nights, toiled with both spade and piste machine.

A little over a decade later, the scenario is almost the same, but this time, the plans for the future are about the whole of Kläppen with doubling of accommodation and slopes on the agenda.

"When I pass Kläppen, I don't see what others see. I see how new pistes wind their way along the mountain and I hear the sound of the gondola whirring”, says Gustav Eriksson, heir apparent, visionary, currently CEO.

He often allows his heart to decide, making money isn't the most important thing but economy is of course, the reason for everything. “For me, it's always about creating an experience for the guest. Economy is just a tool, never the goal. Right or wrong, that's how I work and it is probably a characteristic family trait, which, as yet, has proved to be successful. What we earn, we invest in Kläppenberget. Development is a greater driving force than filling the bank account.”

On the table right now is a plan for the next 30 years. “In particular, it is important to bear in mind that lift and skiing capacity go hand in hand. Both service and lifts need to keep up with the development and we must be careful not to create bottlenecks as we go.”

Doubling the skiing
Gustav has already sketched 30 new runs, long slopes of up to 1.5 kilometres in fall line. The plan also includes a new peak with views all the way to Trysil.