Chinese Easter downhill

Good Friday (Friday 19/4–2019)

The rules are simple: A mass start as in previous years. The start is from the Top of the Falken lifts (the two youngest classes starting at the boarding area of the Uven lift). When the race starts, everyone runs to their equipment and tries to get away as quickly as possible, then descending down the course. First down to the finish wins! The competition is suitable for the whole family.


When and time: Good Friday, 19/4–2019, first start 11.00, then every 5/10 min.
Registration: At Tranantorget from 09:00-12.00

Ski classes:

  • Children age 3-5, mixed
  • Children age 6-8, mixed
  • Young persons age 9-14, women and men
  • Adults age15-40, women and men
  • Adults age 41+, women and men

Snowboarding classes:

  • Children age 3-8, mixed
  • Young persons age 9-14, mixed
  • Women age15+
  • Men age 15+

Price: Free

Prize award ceremony: In the finish area after the end of the competition See the course here.

Price: Gratis Registration: På Tranantorget från kl 9:00-11.30