Trolls lived in the caves on the mountain long before humans discovered it. The Trollster houses carry stories that go way back in time.

Explore the Kläppens cave system in Trollsterhusen where Trolle and Trolla grew up. Here you can let your imagination run wild as you hear the recorded stories told by the trolls. Experience the enchanting environments where the trolls once lived, where every stone and corner carries stories from a bygone era. Follow the Trollsterleden (trail)and after about 700 meters there is a detour to Trollsterhusen, the entire trail is about 2 kilometers. Once there, you will be able to follow a trail through the cave system where you can see traces of the trolls.

On Fridays and Saturdays, you can take the gondola up to Trollsterleden and Trollsterhusen. Once up, you can take a coffee break at Toppstugan. The café will be open on the same days as the gondola runs.

Gondol Sälen

21 June - 10 August
Friday - Saturday 10.00-16.00