Mitt i pisten

One of Kläppen's most popular family areas is located at the top of the children's area. The Höken transport lift takes you directly to the green slopes of Kläppen. If you choose one of the ski routes, you will be in the children's area within a few minutes. In addition to quick access to the children's area, the cabins are spacious with an open-plan layout and a sleeping loft, perfect for a large family.

  • Size (m2): 77-82
  • Number of bedrooms: 2 + sovloft
  • Number of beds: 8-10
  • Distance to ski lift (m): 50-200 (transportlift)

The area Mitt i Pisten is Kläppen's most populer accommodation. Mitt i Pisten has large semi-detached cabins with room for up to 10 people. Here, two families can easily share, with the children sleeping in the large 4-bed loft. All the cabins have wood-burning stoves and are equipped with a sauna and a sundeck.

In the area there is a lift (Höken) that takes you up the mountain or you can take one of the ski trails down to Tranantorget.

Deviations may occur. See detailed description of your apartment/cabin.