Sälen’s Naprapath Clinic

We expose our bodies to stress and strain in different ways on a daily basis. Many of us are sedentary during the whole day wich may be a great strain on small muscle groups. This can lead to future stress injuries that may, if they are long-lasting, be hard to overcome. Us naprapath’s can perform a screening where we can ensure if and wich body part that needs to be treated. We also know when we shouldn´t treat you and will in that case send you on, to get the right medical instance.

If you have a sedentary job and haven´t worked out in a while, your body might think it´s a little too much to go skiing everyday and might answer with stiffness and pain. We help you with your muscles and joints. We use different treatments such as laser, ultra sound, acupuncture, nmes (electricity) and acupressure. We use the right treatment only for you!

Price: 750 SEK / 45 min
Place: The cottage behind Värmestugan on Tranantorget
Registration: Book at the reception at Hotell Kurbits or call + 46280-96200

Price: 750 SEK för 45 min Location: Härbret bakom Värmestugan i barnområdet Registration: I receptionen på Hotell Kurbits eller Välkomstcentret eller via telefon 0280-96200