Medical centre/ Läkarmottagning at Kläppen Ski Resort

The medical center is located at Kläppentorget.   

In case of injury  
In case of acute injuries on the slopes or in the ski area, please call Kläppen's ski patrol, or connect with the nearest Kläppen employee, or call the emergency number 112. 

Opening hours

Monday - Friday 13-15 Drop-in reception 
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If the Medical center / Backläkarmottagningen is closed for the day, we ask you to:  
• Contact the Medical center office the next day, or  
• Call the Vårdcentralen / Health care Center at +46(0)280- 49 84 00 or visit them at Sälen’s village.   

For more information, visit the reception desk at Hotel Kurbits. 

Vårdcentralen / Sälen's Health care Center  

Vårdcentralen / the Health care Center in Sälen's village is located about 14 kilometres north of Kläppen. You will find the Health care Center in Centrumhuset, across the street from Coop Konsum and a floor above Systembolaget. 

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