Investing in the environment

Our goal is to be completely fossil-free by 2027 and for the entire resort, including all buildings and other businesses under Kläppen Ski Resort AB, to be completely fossil-free by 2030. To achieve these target areas, we work actively with energy consumption, vehicle operation, sorting, sustainable growth and development.

  • All electricity consumed at Kläppen Ski Resort comes from fossil-free electricity production from water, sun and wind.  
  • All piste lighting at Kläppen has been energy-efficient LED since 2018.  
  • In 2011, Kläppen invested 25 million in snow production systems and a water dam was built on top of the mountain. The meltwater and rain that fills the dam during the year is then used for snow production. Taking the water from the top of the mountain requires less energy in pumping compared to the water pumped from the river. In the same year, Kläppen invested in around 40 low-energy cannons. Together, these investments save up to 800,000 kwh.  
  • In 2022, Kläppen invested 40 million in low-energy efficient snow guns. These investments continue to be made on an ongoing basis.
  • Kläppen has an ongoing replacement programme of older electric motors in the old lift systems. This is to gradually replace them with new frequency-driven and energy-efficient motors with speed control.  
  • The lip snow system is operated by the Techno Alpin Atass Pro+ control system. The snow system is linked to the snow depth measurement of the snow groomers, allowing Kläppen to control how much snow to produce on each run. By keeping track of the amounts, the facility saves thousands of kwh per year. 
  • Since the 19/20 winter season, all diesel-powered vehicles run on 100 % HVO, a fossil-free fuel.  
  • Kläppen uses environmentally friendly engine and lubricating oils.  
  • All of Kläppen's piste machines have a GPS system that helps to optimise all driving at the ski resort. The machines also have snow depth measurement to ensure the correct snow depth.
  • All drivers at Kläppen are trained in ECO-driving. 
  • Kläppen has an ongoing project to go completely fossil-free in the future. To achieve this, the facility's snowmobiles must be replaced. To reduce snowmobile transport in the facility, the staff working in the lift take skis/snowboards to their work station.  
  • By 2027, all machines and vehicles in addition to the piste machine, tractor/loader and snowmobiles must be electrically powered or run on fossil-free fuel.