Sälenfjällen's first randonnée trail. Randonnée. Rando. Ski touring. Top tour. If we look out into the world, the French spelling ran-donnée is still the most common and an established form of training and skiing experience internationally.

Interest in randonnée is increasing and more people travel abroad to practice this. In Kläppen, we are building a varied randonnée track with both flatter and steeper sections.
For many, randonnée is a new concept. The word means "ski tour in alpine terrain" Simply, to climb a mountain with skis. In practice, riser skins are attached under the skis when going uphill. For this, you need a pair of alpine tour bindings where the heel is free. You do not use not ordinary ski boots
either rather, ski boots with a walking position are required. In short, go uphill with skins, go downhill on skis or a splitboard, which is a snowboard that can be divided in the middle and function as touring skis uphill and behaves as a regular snowboard downhill.

Above all, this is an opportunity to try the equipment if you have planned for a trip to the Alps, for example. It is a good beginner's route, but of course it can quickly become a challenging workout. You decide the pace and the number of times you ride! Several guests see this as a perfect workout in conjunction the usual alpine skiing.

Safety is important, opening hours must be respected. Outside of these times, the slopes are our workplace and we must be able to work safely with snow-laying and pisting, therefore it is not allowed to stay on the trail then

Length of the trail: 3 km
You need a valid ski pass