Rules of hire and Security package

Kläppen's Security package covers theft and damage to your rental equipment with a deductible of 300 SEK.

Kläppen's Security package

You will receive a free replacement equipment for the remainder of the rental period if your equipment is stolen, mixed up or missing. Just contact Kläppens ski rental to get your replacement equipment.


1 day 50 SEK
2 days 70 SEK
3 days  80 SEK
4 days 90 SEK
5 days or more 100 SEK



Applies to alpine skis, snowboards, blades and cross-country skis. If the equipment is stolen or damaged, please report it immediately to Kläppen ski rental.

  • Does not cover damage to your equipment if there are signs of carelessness, such as scratches made outside a marked slope or on a parking lot/dirt road. If so, full sales value will be charged.
  • If the ski / board breaks, you have to pay for the equipment, unless the damage was caused by a manufacturing defect.
  • The equipment must be returned in the same clean condition as when you received it. If not, you will be charged for cleaning the equipment.
  • At night, the rental equipment must be locked in a ski locker or in the accommodation. If the ski equipment has been stolen outside the cabin, or from a roof box or car, the full sales value will be charged.
  • If the equipment is not returned, the full value will be charged.

You must show identification when you buy Kläppen's Security package. Payment is made in advance or at the checkout if you rent on the day of arrival.