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We have 3 snowparks located around the Kläppen mountain. The smallest one - Junior Snowpark (green) is where you should start your park riding. When you think that one is to easy, you can continue to Blue line, here the jumps and rails are a bit more difficult, but a good step before going up to the big park - AKA Kläppen Snowpark. In the big park you'll find two lines, one red and one black. Plus a half pipe on the left side (riders left).

The national teams in snowboarding and freeskiing often place their camps here. In other words, you have come to the right place if you like to jump, ride rails and halfpipe.

To maintain safey there are some rules that we want you to follow when you ride in our parks.

  • This year, everyone has to wear a helmet when you go to the park.
  • Riding takes place at your own risk.
  • ALWAYS pay attention! Inspect the park before you go, all jumps are not the same.
  • Selected and unmarked items exist.
  • The condition of the snow park varies depending on the weather and snow conditions.
Burton Mystery Series >>

Burton Mystery Series

The third edition of the Burton Mystery Series in Kläppen on 9 March.
Junior park session >>

Junior park session

Jump session in the junior park for all up to age 14. Our park instructors help to inspire and provide tips.
SM Snowboard & Freeskii >>

SM Snowboard & Freeskii

Swedish Championships in snowboarding and freeskiing at Kläppen Ski Resort

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