The Eriksson Family

Welcome to Kläppen!

We are the Eriksson family who created Kläppen. It all began in 1982 when father Per plodded around in snowshoes on the Kläppen mountain with big visions, which today have become reality. Since then, Kläppen has been a family project, or rather, it's our life every day of the week. His son Gustav Eriksson has now been in the CEO role for a few years. Gustav's wife Lena is HR manager and for the children and all other children in Sälen, Kläppen is the world's best recreation centre.

It is a closely-knit community you meet in Kläppen, we are both colleagues and friends with a commitment that is contagious. We see that our guests are happy and many return year after year. We focus on skiers who come for the sake of skiing, the pleasures are to be found high up on the mountain and there are regular buses. We focus on socialising, nice restaurants and family activities alongside the skiing.

Kläppen is the 6th largest resort in Sweden and the first you get to when you come to Sälen. Kläppen is no ordinary mountain, more a mountain designed for skiing.