Travel to Kläppen

If you are traveling from the south, Kläppen is the first resort you come to in Sälen. The distance to your skiing is 40 miles from Stockholm, 45 miles from Gothenburg and 72 miles from Malmö.

Fly to Kläppen >>

Fly to Kläppen!

Sälen-Trysil Airport (SCR) Shorten the travel time. Book your winter flights on the airline BRA to Scandinavian Mountains Airport Sälen - Trysil.
Drive to Kläppen >>

Drive to Kläppen

Kläppen is located in Sälenfjällen in Dalecarlia. If you use a GPS you can enter "sjungarvägen, Transtrand".
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Road closed

The road between Oxberg and Evertsberg will be closed from 11 March.
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Bus to Kläppen

You can go by bus to Kläppen. Fjällexpressen, Flixbus or Dalatrafik.
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Train to Kläppen

Train is a good alternative if you don't to drive yourself
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Stena Line

For those traveling from Denmark, book your ferry tickets with Stena Line.