The ski workshop

In the ski workshop at the Welcome Centre you will find our experts who will help you to give your skis some extra love. With newly ground skis it will be both fun and easier for all types of skiers. A ski service includes surface grinding of the coating, structure of the coating, edge grinding, hanging of edges and waxing.

Should you need to regrind your skis, cut your poles or fit new soles on your boots, this can be arranged by our skilled and experienced staff.

In our SkiSelector, we offer you as a skier unique help to analyse your used skis and get a clear picture of: grip, rigidity, camber characteristics as well as glide properties for a better skiing experience and faster skis. When the skis have been analysed, it is easy to know how they should be waxed for best grip and glide. We also use the SkiSelector to help you to make the right choice when buying new skis.

Come in for a visit! You won't regret it!

Workshop pricelist

Full tune-up + 699  
Full tune-up 499 + 149 for done by hand
Standard tune-up 399 + 149 for done by hand
Edge tune-up 199  
Wax machine 99  
Wax done by hand 249  
Mounting 249  
Re-mounting 349  
Skiboot tune-up 199 /press
Full tune-up + 849  
Full tune-up 599 + 149 for done by hand
Standard tune-up 499 + 149 for done by hand
Edge tune-up 199  
Wax machine 99  
Wax done by hand 299  
Mounting 249  
Wax package (powder + grip) 1099  
Wax package (high flour + grip) 749  
Wax package (Glide + grip) 599  
Wax glide CH 299  
Wax glide LF 399  
Wax glide HF 449  
Wax grip 349  
Cleaning 149  
Ski pole tuneing 99  
Ski pole basket 49  
Gip handle mounting 149  
Structure 349  
Wax skin skis (glide + grip tune-up) 599  
Analasys Skiselector 199  

Want something done, then give us one day to fix it. Payment is done when you leave the equipment.

All prices are in SEK (swedish krona). We reserve ourself for eventual price changes and typos.