Snow is fantastic!

There are incredibly many things you can do when the white flakes have blanketed the ground. For us at Kläppen, the main focus is on skiing, and for those who more or less refuse to take off their skis, there are masses of fun activities with which to enhance the days. Are you one of those who likes to take a rest from skiing for a while, but who still wants to have some fun? Well then there is masses for you to do too. Here you will find our activities.

  • Morning skiing

    Start the day with some wonderful skiing/snowboarding on freshly prepared slopes or lovely fresh snow before everybody else wakes up.

  • Pulkakväll

    We open up the Sparven lift for those who only want to ride a sledge or snowracer. We will be lending snowracers and sledges over the course of the ev...

  • Junior park session

    Jump session in the junior park for all up to age 14. Our park instructors help to inspire and provide tips.

  • Kläppen's ski adventure

    Ski adventure for the whole family. Challenge each other in various tasks on the Kläppen mountain!

  • Snowshoeing

    There are few things as soothing to the soul as hiking in nature! Snowshoeing offers the opportunity to get out into the white, quiet, pristine terrai...

  • Show with Trolle & Trolla

    Do you like to feel the groove? This is your chance to sing and dance with Trolle & Trolla. Spirits are high in the children’s area when the trolls host their own show. 

  • Trolle cup

    An exciting skiing contest for all children. Our ski instructors will be onsite and provide commentary. In the Trollcupen, everyone is a winner and will be receiving a nice medal.

  • Meet Trolle & Trolla

    Trolle and Trolla are out in the ski park. Keep a lookout and you might get to meet them.  

  • The story of the human troll

    A music and theatre performance for the whole family, which is about 20 minutes long. Location: Trolle & Trolla’s scen.