Diversity & inclusion

We work actively to increase inclusion and diversity in the company. It is important for us to have an inclusive work environment where everyone feels welcome and valued.

Our staff  

Our core values TOPP (the first letters of the Swedish words safe, caring, personal and professional) create a corporate culture that simplifies and makes sustainability work natural. It is part of our values to take care of our environment and for the company to make the right choices.  

Talent is not just a piece of paper

We hire employees primarily on personality and least on CV. Many of our employees are young people who work during the season. For many of them, Kläppen is their first workplace. We are a company with a strong family culture and are proud to create the employees of the future. During our recruitment process, we look more closely at the individual than the best polished CV. This gives more people the chance to get a seasonal job and a good start to their working life and career. 

KKläppen has a dialogue with the municipality, entrepreneurs and the destination company in Sälen

Att våran kommun är livskraftig och har tillväxt är mycket viktigt för oss. De som jobbar på Kläppen och som bor i kommunen ska ha bra levnadsvillkor, skola och äldrevård. Vi ser det som naturligt att de som är tillsvidareanställda på Kläppen är skrivna i kommunen, det är något vi uppmanar till så att vi är med och bidrar till en bättre kommun.  

Our collaboration with the non-profit organisation Aldrig Ensam is a way for us to work proactively to contribute to a more open dialogue on mental illness. The aim is to spread information and knowledge to break the silence and taboos. Everyone can be affected, either personally or as a family member. Mental illness is one of our most common public diseases at the moment. For us at Kläppen, this work is very important.

Kläppen is a sponsor of Sälens IF, Lima IF and Lima Biathlon. The aim is to help get more people moving, as well as sponsoring the elite efforts of the Swedish national ski and snowboard team.

Children and young people up to the age of 15 who live in Malung-Sälen municipality are offered a free ski pass at Kläppen Ski Resort. For those who are 16 years and older, the season pass is heavily discounted. Young people and adults who live in neighbouring municipalities can also buy a season pass at a discounted price. All children up to the age of 7 are offered a free ski pass.