Kläppen Camps

This is a possibility for you who either wants to spend a lot of time and develope in Kläppen Arena or a camp for you who want to try the arena but also do other summer activities. Opens up July 4th.

Welcome to the best experience this summer!
This is an opportunity to choose how much time you want to spend in the arena and you can choose between three different kind of camps. 

Two different kind of age categories, 10-12 years and 13-15 years.

Hur bokar jag?

You make a reservation by email or you can call us on +46 (0) 280-96 200. 
To guarantee your place we recommend you  to pre-book. 
Drop-in is available subject to availability.

Arena camps >>

Kläppen Arena Camp

For the ones who want to spend as much time as possible and develope in the arena
Day camps >>

Kläppen Day Camp

A daycamp for you who want to hang out with like-minded in Kläppen Arena.