Functional Skiing

We are happy and proud to announce that we from now on can offer lessons, licencensing and rental of equipment for skiers with functional variation disorder.

Skipass companion/co-rider
If a skier can not ride on his own and is in need of a companion/co-rider, proof must be presented for the co-rider/companion to receive a free skipass. Co-skiers/companions are entitled to a free skipass with the same validity period as the skipass the skier with functional variation disorder has purchased.
Escortpasses are picked up on site at the reception of Hotel Kurbits or Kläppentorget. For skicart, a valid license must always be presented. Then the co-rider stated on the license receives a free skipass.

Visually impaired skier
Visually impaired skier with companion sould use a yellow reflective vest with the text ”Visually imaired” respective ”companion”.

Ride a lift
At Kläppen Ski Resort, skiers with functional variation disorder can use our ski school entry. You then enter the queue where the ski school entrance is. This is handled in good communication with the people in the regular queue.

Rental (Biski, Sitski, Snowcart)
In order to rent the equipment, you must be able to show a certificate that you can perform the equipment in a safe and secure manner.
If it´s the first time that you rent equipment, it i required that you participate in a 2,5 hour education with instructor. Our equipment from the French brand Tessier.
When renting, help with adaption is included.

1 day 582 SEK
2 days 876 SEK
3 days 1 133 SEK
4 days 1 282 SEK
5 days 1 308 SEK
6-8 days 1 447 SEK


Do you not have a certificate?
No problem, you can book a 2,5 hour education together with an instructor that runs through the basics and help you with a certificate. The prices for rental do not include two hours of instructor training.

For questions or booking:
Contact us on +46 (0) 280-96200 or email to 

Adapted accomodation:
Hotel Kurbits (Apartment 102,113,202,213)
Sjungarbacken (Apartment 1001-1010)
Mitt i Pisten (552 A and 552 B)