Yoga and massage

Start your day softly with Maria. Let her guide you to a softer and calmer body during an hour of morning yoga. Or treat yourself to a deep relaxation and well-being massage, performed by the skilled therapist Fredrik.

Feel good yoga

Get a harmonious start to your day with Maria. Embrace your body with yoga positions inspired by Yin yoga, Kundalini and Medical yoga. The morning yoga with Maria is suitable for everyone, even those who feel stiff and sore in the body.

Friday & Saturday at 07:30-08:30 (v.27-32)
Price: 175 SEK
Location: Värmestugan at Tranantorget and the doors open at 07.15
Limited to max 15 people per session. 

Massage at Kläppen in Sälen

Experience deep relaxation and well-being with our Swedish classic massage, performed by the skilled therapist Fredrik, trained at the Stockholm Massage Academy. This treatment focuses on relieving stress, reducing stiffness and preventing future pain. 

Saturday and can be booked every full hour from 09.00-16.00 (v.27-32)
Price: 695 SEK for 45 minutes
Location: Härbret behind the warming hut at Tranantorget.
and can be booked every hour from 09.00-16.00