Fishing in Sälen

Fiska i Sälen här finns det gött om öring, röding, harr, abborre och gädda. Flugfiska eller meta vi har fisket för alla. Kläppen i Gråhedsdammen med Put and Take

Around Kläppen there are a lot of beautiful places where you can go fishing.

Gråhedsdammen is the closest place to go fishing when you visit Kläppen. You can buy a fishing licence for put & take either here at Kläppen or on site at the pond. The area, on the other hand, has much more than that to offer in terms of fishing. 

Lovley fishing opportunities. Example of great fishing areas are Furuälven, Görälven and Västerdalälven where char and whitefish are common. In Sälen there are some lakes and ponds with good fishing where you have good chances to catch some salmon trout. 

Rent a boat 
Boat is available for rent at Kläppens Camping. Read more here >>
In the area, you can rent a boat for your fising trip. Read more here >>

Fishing license

A fishing icence includes flowing water, lakes and streams. In the reception at Hotel Kurbits or at Kläppens Camping, you can buy fising license to Transtrand or Lima fishing area.