Golf in Sälen >>

Golf in Sälen

Just above Sälen's village center you will find the Sälenfjällens golf club. Here you can play on a challenging golf course in a mountain environment, practi...
Peak Point >>

Husky hike

At the company Peak Points you can get an unforgettable hike in the wilderness.
Bakery >>

Håll Olagårdens bakery

Take a longer coffee break and make sure to bring a couple of loaves and flatbread before returning home.
Sälen Chocolate >>

Sälen Choklad

At Sälen Choklad you will find handmade pralines, chocolate cakes, licorice, coffee and tea with flavors from the mountains.
Life Padel >>

Life Padel

Welcome to Nordic Wellness Sälen, only 3 km north of Kläppen.