Rental equipment Kläppen Arena

The rental centre is located at Kläppentorget next to Kläppen Arena.

The rental shop at Kläppentorget
In our shop located next to Kläppen Arena you can: 

  • Book activities and sessions in Kläppen Arena.
  • Rent equipment
  • Buy profile clothes and small needs products
  • Buy drinks, ice cream and sweets.

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The jumping arena is continuously soaked with water via sprinklers, this to get a good glide and so that you do not burn yourself. This means that you will get really wet during a session. We do not reimburse damage to clothes. This clothing we recommend:

  • Full-coverage clothing (base layers, shorts and
  • t-shirt) 
  • Shell or rain jacket on rainy or windy days
  • Thin gloves (available for purchase at the Kläppentorget)
  • Wetsuit also works well to jump in (available for rent at the Kläppentorget

Change of clothes, WC and shower
In the Kläppentorget there is a WC, as well as lockers that can be rented. If you want to shower or change in a changing room, it is possible to do so at Kläppens Camping. From Kläppen Arena to Kläppens Camping it is about 500 meters.