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Make the most of your ski vacation in Sälen! At Kläppen, we offer a wide range of Skipasses. Through our online booking system, you can see the entire selection along with current prices. When you purchase online, you also benefit from a reduced price. If you load an existing Keycard, you can hit the slopes right away when you arrive. It's super convenient!

Skipass liftkort i Kläppen Sälen

Pre-booked Skipasses can be collected at one of our Skipass machines. We have placed the machines outdoor at Kläppentorget and Hotel Kurbits. They are available 24 hours a day. If you have loaded an existing Keycard, it will activate when you go through the Skipass reader at the lift.

Skipass kombi

The Kombi card gives you access to all downhill skiing and cross-country trails at Kläppen.
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Med detta Skipass får du åka i alla våra alpina pister.

Skipass Alpine

With the Skipass you have access to all our alpine slopes.
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FöräldraSkipass med detta Skipass kan ni som föräldrar turas om att åka med era barn i alla våra alpina pister. Bokas över telefon eller köpes på plats

Parent Skipass

This card is for parents who can't ski together and wish to share the same card.
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Kids: 0–7 years (Kids 0-7 years is free of charge)
Youth: 8–15 years
Adult: 16-64 years
Senior: 65-and up

*A loaded Keycard is mandatory for everyone skiing at Kläppen Ski Resort, including children aged 0-7 years. They also have to carry a loaded Keycard to access the lifts. You can reuse your existing Keycard or purchase a new one for 65 SEK. You can load all cards in the online booking system >>

Morning: 09:00-13.30
Afternoon: 13.30-18.00


Pre-booked Skipass:

  • Load an existing Keycard - If you have a loaded existing Keycard (plastic card), you can head out in the slopes right away. The card activates by itself when you pass through Keycard reader.
  • Pre-booked Skipass and new Keycard - Pre-booked Skipass and Keycard can be collected from one of our Skipass machines. The machines are place outside at Kläppentorget and at the entrance of Hotel Kurbits. The machines are avaliable 24 hours a day.
    Three days before your arrival, you will receive a QR-code via email (the email adress you provided during booking). You can scan the QR-code at the machine, and your pre-booked cards will automatically be dispensed. 

Important info about Skipass

  • The Skipass is refundable only against a medical certificate and if the guest chooses not to ski when the snow guarantee is not fulfilled.
  • Children age 0-7 wearing helmets go free, (otherwise youth price).
  • Key Card is mandatory and costs 65 SEK.
  • Manadatory photo and name on season pass.
  • NB! The Skipass is personal! Lost Skipass will not be replaced!
  • We will reimburse you for the remaining days on a lost Skipass if you have a receipt.
  • Pedestrians/cross-country skiers must use Gondol Sälen, The 4-seater "Järpen" is for skiers only.
  • All prices are given in SEK.
  • We reserve the right to alter prices and correct misprints.
  • Read more about the General Conditions >>