Trail Run

The Kläppens Trail run is an experience for both body and soul

Trail Run Kläppen
Trail Run Röda 3,7km

We are proud to present our new Trail Run trails! Trail running is running on nature trails and could be the best for your soul. These trails are very tough and are real challenges. Don't be fooled by the fact that they are short.

Track length: About 3 and 4 kilometers
Start: Kläppens camping
Difficulty: Medium

Trail Run - Red - 3.7 km
This route is very tough with steep slopes, water crossings and classic forest running in magical forests. Don't be fooled by the short distance, this is tough. Start and finish is Kläppens camping. Also available as a Strava segment.

Trail Run - Blue - 3.1 km
With the same start and finish as the red trail run trail, but after a while turns left into a forest path. This one is a little easier than the red and can be a good start to your trail run. Also available as a Strava segment.

Tips / Warnings

  • Take it easy the first time you run on a new track. The ground is anything but flat. If you are not careful, you can sprain your foot.
  • Even though it is warm it can be nice with protection for the legs in form of long socks or tights. You will get twigs etc. slaping againts your legs.
  • Stay hydrated! If it is hot outside, make sure you get water in you before and after the run. Even during might be good.