Running in Sälen

Whatever your goal are during your stay, you will not be disappointed at Kläppen in Sälen. We have exercise trails, Trail Run trails, two obstacle courses and a Vertical Challenge - and more. Welcome to train with us!

Trail Run >>

Trail Run

We are proud to present our new Trail Run trails! Trail running is running on nature trails and is good for your soul.
Vertical challenge >>

Vertical Challenge

With its 320 vertical meters you can test both your mental and physical strenght in the Kläppen Vertical Challenge.
Obstacle course >>

Obstacle course

Challenge your fitness, strength and agility. Kläppen's large obstacle course is a three kilometer long one with 16 obstacles built of wood.
Excercise loops >>

Excercise loops

Test our 8 kilometer long running track. Challenging running in a beautiful mountain environment.