Running in Sälen

Feel the freedom as you run on Kläppen along winding Trail Run trails and discover the beautiful views of the mountains. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced runner, we offer mountain running for all levels.

Kläppen offers fantastic opportunities for running and exercise for the whole family. With several different exercise and trail routes winding through the beautiful nature, it is a joy to go for a run here. 

For those who like challenges, there is also an exciting obstacle course. Here you can test your strength, agility and endurance

Obstacle course >>

Obstacle course

Challenge your fitness, strength and agility. Kläppen's large obstacle course is a three kilometer long one with 15 obstacles built of wood.
Trail Run >>

Trail Run

We are proud to present our new Trail Run trails! Trail running is running on nature trails and is good for your soul.
Excercise loops >>

Excercise loops

Test our 8 kilometer long running track. Challenging running in a beautiful mountain environment.
Vertical challenge >>

Vertical Challenge

With its 320 vertical meters you can test both your mental and physical strenght in the Kläppen Vertical Challenge.