Kläppen Race Academy

News - we continue our investment in alpine racers. In autumn 2024, we will start up Kläppen Race Academy where we focus on young people and post-secondary training activities for FIS skiers.

Supplement your training with single days or make a full training plan for the whole season together with us. Our goal is to provide young people with complementary training to club activities and give FIS skiers the opportunity to continue their alpine endeavours after ski high school.

Supplement your training with single days or create a full training plan for the whole season.
Training programmes 

We will do most of the training in Kläppen Race Arena during the winter, and to be able to offer varied and developing training, we will also add training sessions during the evening.  With evening training, we will be able to utilise Kläppen's full potential with longer rides and varied terrain and gradients. More information about training arrangements for autumn and winter will be presented shortly.  

We will also be able to assist with training help at camp activities in Kläppen for districts and associations.

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Pre-season training

Kläppen Race Academy will organise pre-season camps early in the season.

Post-secondary training activities

Combine sporting endeavours and training with part-time work at Kläppen.
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Open training sessions

See the winter training programme with Kläppen Race Academy.


  • Fredrik Karlsson - Several years of experience as a coach for Europa Cup women Sweden, and several years as regional and district coach. Coach education through the Swedish Ski Association (SATU).
  • Fredrik Karelius - Several years of experience as a regional and district coach. Prior to that, many years as a club coach in Sälens IF. Coach training through the Swedish Ski Association (SATU).  

If necessary, we bring in extra coaches.

Booking and contact information

Contact us at klappenraceacademy@klappen.se for booking.

Contact us
For questions or more info, please contact

  • Fredrik Stenmalm +46280-96 283 
  • Fredrik Karelius 073-644 66 03

About Kläppen Race Arena/Academy

It is important for us to be able to offer a good arena for children, young people and FIS skiers to train and compete in.

Three years ago we started Kläppen Race Arena. The purpose was to offer good training times and good surfaces. We get a very good response to our investment and today training is organised daily in the arena, as well as many competitions such as Only 16, FIS, Europa Cup and many youth qualifiers and finals.   

Kläppen Race Academy is a newly started collaboration between Kläppen Ski Resort and a coaching company that has the operational responsibility for coaches. Together we want to offer training at the highest level and where the coaches have great expertise in alpine training activities.  

Our goal is to create an arena with accessibility for training and competition and where we contribute to the development of Swedish alpine skiing. With us, you should be able to train and compete in peace and quiet, no matter how old you are or what level you are at.