In Sälen there is a large selection of different hiking trails and the varied terrain here means that there is a trail for everyone; children, seniors, or the slightly more enduring hiker.
See all the trails in Malung-Sälen here >>

Toppstugan: It is something special to hike up to the top of the mountain. Pack your backpack, gather the family and take the easy hike up to enjoy the magnificent views. The easiest way is to follow our trail called "Hiking trail", it starts from Tranantorget. See the summer map >>

Storfjällsgraven: Take the short drive (about 15 minutes) to Hemfjällstangen, from there you are up on the mountain after just a few minutes.

Hemfjällsstugan: The hike to Hemfjällsstugan starts at the same place as the trip to Storfjällsgraven. An easy hike of about 8 kilometers - so it is no problem to bring the whole family. There are plenty of places to stop for a coffee on the way to Hemfjällsstugan.

Njupeskär: If you are looking for something really spectacular, then you should visit Njupeskär. It is Sweden's highest waterfall and is located in Fulufjället National Park. The waterfall is 93 meters high and has a drop of 70 meters. Read more here >>