I Sälenfjällen finns det gott om vandringsleder med väldigt vackra vyer
Vandra i Sälenfjällen i en storslagen miljö men många vackra vyer

In Sälen there is a large selection of different hiking trails and the varied terrain here means that there is a trail for everyone; children, seniors, or the slightly more enduring hiker.

Here are some tips:

Hemfjällsstugan via Hemfjällstangen, 850 m
Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 8 km round trip (about 2 km further via the mountain ridge)
Description: A very popular and beautiful hike is the trail that starts in the village of Hemfjällstangen, which lies on the southern part of Sälenfjället. The hike is very nice and is perfect for the whole family. The trail goes gently uphill and weaves its way between marshes along footpaths and gravel trails in the beautiful mountain landscape. Halfway to Hemfjällsstugan you reach a small, forested area. Here lies Mellanfjällsstugan, which is perfect for a short break. Shortly afterwards, the trail turns uphill and the view of the surrounding mountains becomes clearer. After a few kilometers, you will see Hemfjällsstugan, the day trip's final destination. Have a long break here before returning via the same route, or take the slightly longer variant via the mountain ridge back to Hemfjällstangen. Note: this route back is very rocky and can be somewhat demanding to walk.

For more recommended trails, visit Sälen's Tourist Office where you can buy a hiking map of the entire of Sälenfjällen mountain area.