Ski School

More about private lessons >>

Private lessons

A private lesson focuses on you and your progress, and together with your instructor, you can customise the lesson to your needs...
Group lesson skiis >>

Group lesson skiis

Combine wonderful experiences while evolving your skiing. Group ski school is available for all different levels of knowledge.
Skiing experiences >>

Skiing experiences

This year we have put extra effort into skiing techniques. Learn to ski all terrain.
Snowboard experiences >>

Snowboard experiences

For those who want to develop their riding in both the park and on the slope. Here you can choose the theme, and you can sign up for one or more experiences...
Cross-country ski school >>

Cross-country ski school

Our ski instructors help you as a beginner, but also those of you who are experienced and really want to perfect your technique.
Functional Skiing >>

Functional Skiing

We are happy to announce that we can offer lessons and rental of equipment for skiers with functional variation disorder.