A Biski provides maximum comfort and pleasure for all people, regardless of their disability, who want to discover the joy of riding with the feeling of riding almost alone.

A biski consists of a stable seat mounted on two skis. The skis edge simultaneously when the seat is tilted. In this way and by twisting the upper body, you swing with biski. Biskin is more stable than a sitski. It takes some balance but relatively little strength from the rider. Most biskiers use crutches. If the rider needs help to steer and brake, a fellow rider can help by holding the frame, holding reins or securing biskin with rope. With biski you can ride both trailer lifts and chairlifts. 

Info: As of the 2017-18 season, the license requirement for biski was removed and replaced by a liability requirement for the rider and any fellow riders to have control over their equipment. The equipment must not be dropped or otherwise damage other persons, lifts or other facilities.