Information about Corona

Updated November 2 (is updated regularly)

A safe winter vacation in Kläppen in Sweden

Welcome to a new winter in Kläppen! Exactly like other parts of the world we are trying to adept to this new virus. We are listening to The Public Health Agency of Sweden and we are following the recommendations that they have. To be outside in the mountains and breathe fresh air is one of the most important things right now to stay healthy. The greatest thing about skiing and snowboarding is that you are outside. You as a visitor need to follow the recommendations that we have, but together we will beat this virus. We will do everything that we can to make you feel as safe as possible when you come and visit us.

Safe skiing >>

Safe skiing

The best thing about skiing and snowboarding is that it takes place outside in the fresh air. We need to keep the distance to each other. The "Kläppen hosts"...
Precautions in the accommodation >>

Precautions in the accommodation

At Kläppen you can feel safe in the accommodations regardless of what kind of accommodation you have booked. On the date of arrival you will receive a SMS wi...
Feel safe in our restaurants >>

Feel safe in our restaurants

We want you to feel safe while you are visiting us this winter. This include that we're following the guidelines that The Public Health Agency has set. We ha...
Buy Skipass online >>

Buy Skipass online

Nothing can be made more smooth than adding Ski days to your Skipass online. If you have a Keycard available from another season you can refill it with more...
Feel safe in the Ski School >>

Feel safe in the Ski School

The Ski School is still fun! When we apply the guidelines that the Public Health Agencey have for us - we can make it safe and still have fun even if it's a...
Precautions in the Shops >>

Precautions in the Shops

We recommend that you book your ski rental online and if you want your equipment driven out to your accommodation you need to book it now (limited offer). If...

Together with other ski resorts and SLAO (Swedish Ski Resorts Organisation) we have developed guidelines for how we can run a ski resort during this winter.


  • Keep your distance to other skiers & snowboarders.
  • Social distancing! At least one ski pole length.
  • Wash your hands.
  • Cough and sneeze into your elbow.
  • Use cash free payment methods (Klarna, swish etc.).
  • Send only one person for the family / traveling partners into the ski rentals, Skipass ticket machine, shops and food store if that’s possible.
  • If you get sick - stay at home.
  • Keep the family / traveling partners together while riding the ski lifts.
  • We are here for you, so if you have any questions - ask us!

It's very important for the public health that we keep on exercising and breathe fresh air during this pandemic. But the most important thing is that we act responsibly and take care of each other. If you feel sick, or if your friends feel sick - stay at home!

More information is available at:
The Public Health Agency
1177 Care Guide
Ministry of Foreign Affairs