Precautions in the accommodation

At Kläppen you can feel safe in the accommodations regardless of what kind of accommodation you have booked.

On the date of arrival you will receive a SMS with a link that will take you to our digital check-in, after you have checked in you will receive the door code to your accommodation alt. check-in station. If your accommodation have a door code you can to straight to the accommodation - if not you will find an envenlope with your keys.

When it's time to leave Kläppen you can leave the keys in the check-in station. And if you had a door code you can just shut the door and leave.

  • In the SMS - you will find more information about ”Kläppen idag” and current information about Corona.
  • We highly recommend that you book your stay online and from now on are a cash free resort.
  • The cleaning routines are extended and don't forget to keep social distancing.
  • You can read more about our booking and payment information here >>