RipOff Session By Sven Thorgren

Experience the most epic snowboarding event of the year, RipOff Session by Sven Thorgren in Kläppen Snowpark. This evening you will be able to see X-Games winners and Olympic medallists compete for 250 000 SEK. The competition is inspired by the legendary Oxborn Sessions.

The RipOff Session is a jam session divided into three segments: best style, best trick and highest air. The after party continues at Restaurant Halster Bar & Bistro with an award ceremony, DJ and bar service.


Mens Best Style: Patrick Hoffmann
Mens Best Trick: Oyvind Kirkhus
Mens Highest Air: Sven Thorgren
Men’s Overall Winner: Oyvind Kirkhus

Womens Best Style: Cocomo Murase
Womens Best Trick: Tova Nejne
Womens Highest Air: Novalie Engholm
Women’s Overall Winner: Cocomo Murase

Riders 2024

Cocomo Murase, Annika Morgan, Novalie Engholm, Miyabi Onitsuka, Tova Nejne, Sven Thorgren, Dusty Hendriksen, Judd Henkes, Taiga Hasagawa, Patrick Hoffmann, Josito Aragon, William Mathisen, Mons Røisland, Lyon Farrell, Oyvind Kirkhus, Sage Kotsenburg, Vlad Khadarin, Torgeir Bergrem, Stale Sandbech, Nias Hedberg, Mason Jar, Marcus Kleveland