New Year at Halster

The family-friendly New Year Grill Buffe will be served again this year at Halster Bar & Bistro. The New Year Grill Buffe is a popular buffet with various grilled cuts such as beef tenderloin, pork filet, chicken, sausages, BBQ salmon, salads, a variety of sauces, potato gratin, roasted root vegetables, and more. There will be a delicious dessert table as well as the icing on the cake. t.

New Year Grill Buffet 

Limited number of seats with the following seating times: 
Times: 19.00, 19.30 and 20.00 
Price adult: 695 SEK 
Children 4-12 years: 295 SEK 
Children -3 years: 100 SEK 
Drinks will be in addition to the price. 

Table reservation: call +46(0)280 96242 or email