We care about your privacy
In every way we can, we wish to create as good an experience as possible for you, our guest, at Kläppen. In order to do this, we need to save certain information so that you are able to get personalised offers and get the most out of our digital services.

Photography and filming
With our video blogs we are able to provide a picture of the Kläppen experience. These are used on our website and in social media. In addition to filming, we take photographs for marketing purposes.

When filming and photographing individuals, we always ask for consent. When filming, we record the consent In other cases it is in writing.

If you see that you are included in an image or film and don't wish for it to be published, you are welcome to contact us at You are always entitled to withdraw your consent.

As thousands of people move around the resort, images and film may show crowds and larger groups. In these cases, we refer to the legal basis, balance of interests. This means that the reason for displaying the image or the film outweighs the personal integrity of those appearing on camera. Should you be involved in such a context and find it disturbing, please contact us at