About the ski school

Why be satisfied when you can be happy?

Did you know that fun skiing can be fantastic? Invest an hour at ski school and with simple tips and instructions you will discover new sides to skiing. Everyone has the potential to develop. Kläppen's ski instructors, a team of approximately 35, between the ages of 19 and 55 are all trained in different stages. This means that you get a ski instructor who can help you to make improvements according to your requirements. Putting the children in ski school is largely a matter of course, but why just be satisfied with your own skiing ability. Allow the skiing to develop with the whole family and you will have a shared interest for the rest of your life. No one will tire of it!

Who are our instructors?

All our ski and snowboard instructors are certified and quality assured!

Each season at Kläppen Ski Resort we have approximately 30 active ski and snowboard instructors.
As our guest, we are eager to offer you the best winter holiday and this means that when you book a lesson you should know that you can expect the best help. Therefore, all our instructors have undergone certified training, via SLAO, the Swedish Ski Association or the Swedish Outdoor Association. There are three different levels of certification, one national and two international certifications, read about the different certifications a little further down.

What does the certification mean?
The various certifications mean that our instructors have different training and that they work with different levels of skiers and snowboarders. For us, it's important that you as a guest feel safe and that you should know that get an instructor who can help you no matter what your level.
Therefore, it is important that you think about what you want to learn and at what level you are today, before you book a lesson. Then we can make sure you get an instructor with the right skills just for you.

In addition to the certification, we work on a weekly basis with internal training to constantly develop the ski instructors' skills in teaching, leadership and skiing.

Hope we will have the opportunity to go along with you and share our enjoyment for skiing.

We know that our instructors will help you take great steps forward. But perhaps it is the joy and experience on snow that develops most.

Fredrik Stenmalm
Ski School Manager
Kläppen Ski Resort

The different certifications

- The national certification, issued by the Swedish Ski Instructor Association shows that our instructors have at least 60 hours of study + two weeks of practical training within the fields of technique, education, safety, leadership and methodology.

- The first level of the international certification is issued by IVSI, International Federation of Ski Instructors. The certification guarantees that your instructor has at least 250 hours of training within technique, teaching, methodology, leadership and safety. Instructors at this level teach at all levels within a discipline.

- The highest international certification is carried out by ISIA, International Ski Instructors Association. The certification guarantees that your instructor has at least 450 hours of training within the areas of technique, education, methodology, leadership and safety. The instructor at this level teaches within several disciplines and at all levels.