Swedens best snow guarantee

14 slopes and at least 2 km of cross-country tracks

The weather gods seem to like Kläppen, and this is the way it has almost always been. And together with our perfect location and the finest cannon system we have, we can promise great skiing from the day we open.

Snow guarantee: 14 pistes and at least 2 km of cross-country tracks from the start of the season on 11 December until closing day.

The following slopes will be open (minimum) from the date of opening to closing: Barnbacken, Harlyckan, Björnidet, Utterleken, Familjebacken, Nedre Älgstråket to the chairlift, Bäverdalen (from the top), Blue line (snowpark), Minkspåret, Renfållan, Skogsmården, Ekorrsvansen, Illern and Rådjursstigen.

If Kläppen fails to fulfil these snow guarantees, guests are entitled to a refund on their cabin hire, if purchased via Kläppen's booking office. Should the guest choose to come to Kläppen anyway, they will receive a 20% discount on the Skipass regardless of duration.