Hotel Kurbits >>

Hotel Kurbits

Hotel Kurbits - a Dalecarlia-style apartment hotel located on Tranantorget, which opens this December!
Kläppen Syd >>

Kläppen Syd

We're building a new ski area! At the beginning of 2020 we will start by logging of forests and after that soil preparation for the new...
More about private lessons >>

Private lessons

A private lesson focuses on you and your progress, and together with your instructor, you can customise the lesson to your needs...
Magazine Kläppen >>

Magazine Kläppen

This winter it is especially exciting to welcome you to Kläppen. We have made fantastic improvements...
Travel to Kläppen >>

Travel to Kläppen

How can you travel to Kläppen? By bus, train, fly or ferry depending on where you live.
Kläppen today >>

Kläppen Today

On Kläppen today you will see today's weather, activities and lunch menus.
Snow guarantee >>

Snow guarantee

The weather gods seem to like Kläppen, and this is the way it has almost always been.


Kläppen winter >>


Click here to see a clip from the last season. What a magical one it was! Lots of snow and sunshine! It can't get better then this.
Kläppen 360 >>

Kläppen 360

Click here to see Kläppen from above! 360-pictures on multiple view points. A magical view! Zoom and use your phones gyro.

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