Njupeskär - Sweden's highest waterfall

Ett av Sveriges högsta Vattenfall är väl värt ett besök
Njupeskär ett av Sveriges högsta vattenfall

If you want to experience something really spectacular, Njupeskär can be an exciting destination. It is about 110 km from Kläppen, but is definitely worth a day trip. The Njupeskär waterfall is located in Fulufjäletts National Park and is 93 meters high with a free drop of 70 meters. In the humid climate created by the water mist, there are many unusual mosses, lichens and plants that only grow right here as they require constant moisture to survive.

Difficulty: Easy with a gravel path and footbridge
Distance: 2km one way (5.5km around the waterfall)
Description: The walk to the waterfall goes through very old forest, around 400 years old, and gives a wonderful impression when it winds its way through the forest up to the falls. The road is well marked and there is a barbecue area about 500 m before the falls, which is perfect for grilling sausages or pausing to drink a coffee.

Around the falls: If you want a more challenging trip then you can walk around the waterfall. The trail up is steep and the moisture from the falls means that some parts can be slippery, so caution must be taken. Even the terrain above the fall is demanding as the trail goes over large boulders.

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